Strategy & Planning

Do you have a clear plan to connect with your audiences, generate leads and grow sales? Is a deep understanding of your audiences and their challenges reflected throughout your sales & marketing operations?

Altius Supply Chain Inbound Marketing Offers
An Actionable Roadmap

We’ll help you to develop a clear strategy and plan that provides an actionable roadmap to the goals for your business. This also lays the foundations for a strong, enduring brand that sets you apart and delivers a framework for guiding decisions on your sales & marketing. By following this approach, sales & marketing efforts are aligned with business objectives and we can ensure that every action makes a positive contribution to acquiring, retaining and growing profitable relationships.

Understanding your audiences

Audience personas are a building block of Strategy & Planning. It’s vital that we capture your audiences’ needs, preferences and pain points; these valuable insights into their behaviour ensure we understand their buying journey and inform the development of tailored marketing strategies that meet their requirements at every stage of their purchasing process.

Optimising Resources

Segmentation, targeting and positioning are also core aspects of Strategy & Planning. Our focus is to identify the most promising opportunities in your market and allocate resources accordingly so your efforts are concentrated on activities that are most likely to yield a high ROI. This also informs realistic goal setting and provides a clear context for tracking progress and making tactical adjustments.

“Thorn Baker has evolved to be in the best possible shape, our brand positioning now reinforces our experience, expertise, and knowledge as well as our hands-on approach.”

Paul Jackman, CEO