Sales & Marketing

Are your Sales & Marketing teams aligned and working well together or is there room for improvement? Does your business have the right toolkit for streamlined sales & marketing that efficiently generates leads, creates opportunities and grows revenue? 

Getting started

We’ll help you to build a strategy, develop a plan and execute it. This is founded on an in-depth understanding of your customers and prospects to ensure that you deliver a sales and marketing experience that is tuned in to their pain points and preferences.

Oil and gas infographic for content marketing
Content for quicker sales

By providing content that is helpful and useful, many of your audiences’ questions are answered before they are asked so you accelerate your sales cycle as a result. We’ll also work with you to identify the sales & marketing technology you need to deliver consistent campaign activity that keeps your brand front and centre.

“We couldn’t be happier with the result of the evolution of Cherry Professional and we cannot express enough how Neil and Yellowstep protected our brand, our values and who we are.”

Melissa Kilday, Cherry Professional