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1. You are using marketing automation technology to nurture leads who aren’t yet ready to buy.

2. The blog section of your website covers topics that deliver value to your target audience — and not just company news.

3. You are tracking the effectiveness of social media, and how many leads it is generating.

4. You have a documented buyer persona, and your sales and marketing teams have access to it.

5. You have a clear-cut positioning statement, that sets out how your business is different and better than competitors.

6. You have a written set of brand guidelines, which document the value of your brand and how to use it properly.

7. Your website is mobile-optimised.

8. You receive regular updates documenting visitors, leads, and sales through your website.

9. Your website offers value to a prospect before they engage with your sales team.

10. Your company uses a CRM instead of spreadsheets to handle and pass down important sales data.

11. Your marketing and sales teams have shared meetings to discuss goals, approaches, and performance.

12. Your sales and marketing teams share resources, such as brochures and eBooks, throughout the sales process.