XR Stories - Digital Campaigns for Immersive Tech Catalyst

Pain points

XR Stories supports research and development for companies working in cutting-edge digital technologies in the Yorkshire and Humber region through funding, research collaboration and connection programmes. The organisation’s remit is also to widen participation, and increase diversity and inclusion in the screen industries. XR Stories required digital campaigns to drive take up of courses and bursaries, and to increase engagement with its Creative Media Labs programme.


A series of highly targeted campaigns were devised that ran on Twitter and LinkedIn; these included a range of ad formats including image ads and carousel ads. The ads directed respondents to landing pages and application forms created in HubSpot, and workflows were set up to automate lead nurturing.


As a result of the campaign, each of the ten courses were fully subscribed, the required volume of bursary applications was achieved, and the bursary fund was distributed in full. The campaigns also increased engagement and created interest in other XR Stories projects.

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