Trent Barton - Brand Development for the really good bus company

Pain points

Trent Barton operates as the ‘really good bus company’ in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire. The company had a clear positioning and personality but this wasn’t reflected consistently in communications. Further, the brand’s visual style had developed organically over time and its execution also lacked consistency.


A comprehensive Brand Guidelines document was developed for Trent Barton. This included a Brand Framework that built on the company’s positioning and introduced new components including a brand story, mission statement, values, targeted messaging and brand voice & tone guidelines. This provided the company with a coherent brand identity and a blueprint for communicating consistently with all its audiences.


Visual guidelines were also developed for Trent Barton which included the introduction of a new grid system that allowed flexibility in the design of all materials and which enabled consistent communications to be produced more easily. With the brief to achieve evolution rather than revolution, the company’s in-house design team were closely involved in the process to build on elements of the existing brand style as part of the development of a new look & feel.

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