Pain points

Probe Oil Tools needed to change perceptions of their brand and business. Much more than a manufacturer, Probe needed to capture their capabilities in technical design and solving complex problems to support their positioning as the first-choice supply chain partner for engineering projects in energy markets.


Following a workshop with the Probe team, we developed a brand strategy for Probe, delivering a new proposition, positioning statements and sales messaging as well as a new strapline ‘Engineering momentum’. This framework provided a clear brief for development of the brand identity and design style.


We created a new brand identity and design style for Probe to support the new positioning; this was required to build on the existing brand and draw on the company’s heritage. As well as Brand Guidelines, we developed a new, inbound-ready website and delivered a suite of inbound marketing materials.

Probe Oil Tools content for inbound marketing campaigns
“I am delighted with the results, and with the support of the new inbound marketing infrastructure, it will give our new products and services greater impact. The rebrand and launch of the new website now represents our ambitions to drive business growth and inspire our clients to connect with us and ultimately will generate long term brand loyalty.”

David Brennan, Managing Director

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