Fullbrook Thorpe - Branding for Private Equity Fund

Pain points

Fullbrook Thorpe Investments LLP (FTI) is an independent private equity fund based in Derbyshire, providing a range of funding options for ambitious SMEs. FTI’s existing identity and style had become dated and so the business required a refreshed brand that aligned with its ambition, expertise and know-how. One of the key requirements was that the identity featured the business’ name in full ‘Fullbrook Thorpe Investments LLP’ as well as its shorthand name ‘FTI’ which is often used by clients and partners.


The requirement for the identity to feature ‘Fullbrook Thorpe Investments LLP’ and ‘FTI’ was met through the development of an icon. By including ‘FTI’, the icon provides a neat solution that complements the logotype and delivers a balanced visual identity. The starting point for the development of the new visual style was FTI’s original primary colour; complementary colours were added to produce a new palette and the new icon was used to inform a system for layouts.


Once the new identity was signed off, a Style Guide was developed to provide guidance for, and demonstrate application of the new brand. A new website was also delivered as well as stationery, signage, presentation templates and other deliverables.

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