300% traffic increase within 5 months for engineering solution specialists.

Pain points

Claxton was struggling to reach its oil and gas engineering audience online.

Although significant SEO work had been carried out in-house, a lack of new content resulted in web traffic plummeting by nearly half in less than a year.


We delivered an inbound marketing strategy to increase reach, improve engagement and generate leads. Inbound campaign activity included:

  • Increasing web traffic with an engineering insights blog and a more vocal social media presence
  • Producing technical content to help engineers with pain points and buying decisions
  • Producing thought leadership content for publication across leading oil and gas industry websites
  • Nurturing leads with marketing automation to build Claxton’s sales pipeline


We started Claxton’s campaign the same way we start all projects — by understanding the pain points of the audience and creating buyer personas which helped us picture the ideal client.  

Next, we wrote search engine optimised blog posts and circulated them across Claxton’s social media channels and industry guest posts. The blog posts attracted new visitors and prompted them to download ebooks, tools, and buyer brochures relevant to their engineering challenges.

Using marketing automation, we engaged Claxton’s new contacts with valuable resources that turned them from a complete stranger into marketing qualified lead.

Oil and gas infographic for content marketing
Premium content for oil and gas inbound marketing campaigns
Oil and gas engineering landing pages for inbound marketing
Oil and gas engineering blog for inbound marketing


  • Website visits rose from 4,000 per month to 12,000 within 3 months
  • Twice as many leads generated in 2014 compared to the year before
  • Blog posts has first-touch attribution for multiple large project wins
Since starting the campaign we’ve achieved record levels of improvement. Not only have we succeeded in becoming the top company in the Acteon group for online exposure and social audience growth, we can also directly attribute a substantial number of leads and opportunities to the campaign.

Jamie Hall, Marketing Communications Manager, Claxton Engineering

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