Have your sales team got all the tools they need to manage leads effectively, create opportunities and grow revenue?

Get instant feedback on your sales operations with our 12 question Sales Toolkit Assessment.


Complete this sentence: Our CRM system...

Complete this sentence: Our website’s live chat tool...

How much automation exists within your sales operations?

How often do your sales and marketing team meet to align their activities?

How well defined are revenue-generating accountabilities for both the sales and marketing teams?

Do your sales and marketing teams regularly share content and resources?

Does your sales team have easily accessible outreach templates available to them?

How often does your team check in with reports to tweak performance?

What lead intelligence does your team have to create a personalised buyer experience?

How do you approach researching a lead or prospect?

Do you use purchased data for your sales outreach?

How often does your team use social media to prospect and reach out to potential buyers?