813% lead increase in year-on-year leads for North American education experts.

Pain points

Across The Pond were using pay-per-click advertising inefficiently to generate student applications. Although applicants were attracted to the website, the cost-per-click rate to get them there was high and unsustainable.

Across the Pond wanted to know how they could diversify their lead sources, engage their audience, and improve their return on investment.


We delivered an inbound marketing would be a perfect approach to mirror Across the Pond’s position as a helpful service provider. This included:

  • Blogs and infographics that drove organic traffic to the website
  • Useful premium content that turned visitors into leads
  • Management and optimisation of social media, PPC, and email automation


For Across the Pond, we drove content-led campaigns to engage their audience with the brand.

Website visitors came from pay-per-click, email marketing, social media and search blog posts were all directed to one goal: download a guide or resource that solved their pain points.

We researched, wrote, and designed all-in-one guides that tackled topics such as funding, accommodation and London life. We tackled key questions that the target audience would have about studying in the UK, which drove organic traffic back to the website and positioned Across the Pond as UK education experts that you could trust.

Generated leads would then be kept warm through a series of automated emails, prompting them to engage with further content and offering Across the Pond’s free service.

Student recruitment ebook for inbound marketing campaigns
UK student recruitment infographic
student recruitment inbound marketing landing page
Premium content offers for student recruitment


  • Due to the diverse range of sources to generate traffic, web visitors increased, and so did leads generated.
  • Within a year, leads increased by 813% in Q4 2015 compared to the same quarter the previous year. The downloadable guides remain evergreen, with the All-in-one London guide still generating between 30 and 50 leads per month.
  • January 2018 saw a record-breaking month of 73,160 total visits, with organic reach playing the biggest role (14,611).

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